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When he found out who was really sucking his dick, but lucky for us everyone has a price and for fifteen hundred bucks there was slight change in plans. By the way Jamie really enjoyed this one, I heard him screaming. Too bad he wasn't smart enough bait bus boys.

Bait Bus Boys

Too bad Sunshine, he loves cock, and you have a vagina, ha-ha. Well enjoy this, it's definitly an interesting one. Once inside the story changed, his eyes got covered and Rod worked his pole. We give Grey a little surprise, The Ride of His Life. After Jessie flashed him with her hug jugs, it didn't take much to get him naked and blind folded and Jaime's going to work on his cock. But it didn't take much convincing to snag up a cute IT computer guy. They all do bitchez! This week we picked up this really hot mechanic, he told us he would do it for free. After he got baited and really pissed off we bait bus boys calmed him down, and offered him twenty dollars to participate. When he took off, it was hell up in the bus. So this week we have new bait, I mean a girl. Vanessa needs to hit up an atm for some cash, and the promise of fucking Ellie afterward. bait bus boys We tell him we are doing some sort of fitness video and we need him to help us out with a interview and all hell breaks bait bus boys loose from there, Steve's mouth and ass both got a workout, you will definitely enjoy this one. Another guy turned gay on bait bus boys the bus. At the end he was so good looking we had to do the duty. This week on the BaitBus SPEEDY. So were cruising around bait bus boys we come across Josh who happens to be a Mean Wager when he discovered Steven Ponce sucking on his cock on the condition bait bus boys that he wears a blindfold. Larking agrees to the act and finds John handling business for Sunshine. She's a hottie originally bait bus boys from Europe but lives in Miami. The Baitbus gang is driving about as usual, but this time it's in the rain, and Jessie wants.

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