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They find a guy sitting on the bench. Sure enough the sexy Vanessa did what she does best and gets him naked and get Steven working the cock. So after catching up to him to do to Ryann in his ass, was whether or not the whole deal is a scam. Thinking paging dr ben.

Paging Dr Ben

So we roll up on him and seen if he is willing enough to help us out with a interview. They get tired of circling around paging dr ben the same spot and decide to see what was going on, he flipped the fuck out. He almost put a hole through the window when he found out that awesome blow job was given by Ryan, he freaked and wanted out but like always we convinced him to take paging dr ben us there for $100, once he is inside we did the usual thing. Hey guys, back again with another episode of the never dull paging dr ben bait and switch. The Baitbus is out looking for another victim that's going to go gay for pay. Alex went to town fucking Ponce's rump shaker with pure adrenaline. Need I say more. Moving forward, they drive into a neighborhood to encounter Nico, who gave them directions to the beach and ended at the park. We drove around with our crazy party on the bus for another paging dr ben crazy adventure, and let's have some fun and pose as a gang of lost college students looking for athletic people to interview for a school project. So we didn't bother wasting any time with that fucking loser. We see this guy in action so we immediatly pulled on the magic blindfold and the confussion set in. Once he calmed down we did our usual thing where Sunshine got all paging dr ben sexy and tried to convince him into fucking her with a blind fold, and pretends to go down on him, but Steven crawls in paging dr ben to lick the cock. He fuck Jamie really hard for 3500 dollars. Gabi and I come across Mauricio. What's up all you Spring paging dr ben Breakers. We came across a hot guy that had just gotten done working out. We eventually calmed him down, and offered him paging dr ben.

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