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I felt so violated. When he took the blindfold off, he threw Jamie across the bus and found this big sexy Irish stud. Hugo thebaitbus com then is lured by money to complete the test. Then we left him stranded. In this episode of Bait Bus. When the blindfold thebaitbus com.

Thebaitbus Com

We found our stud at the gas station, apparently sunshine had to use the toiled and found him another stud, and boy did thebaitbus com it turn out to be a great day! So the bait bus deception wit a smile, and it only took $2,000 for him to let Cameron suck his dick if he let her blindfold him. Welcome back for another glorious day on the Baitbus. Elle is going to find anything thebaitbus com out there on Miami Beach. Welcome back dudes, this week we find this cutie guy walking by a school. Miami was so new and crazy, he figured we were just like the rest of the Miamians. Next thing you know he was blindfolded thinking it was Carmela sucking on his cock. We found Jay on a park by coincidence, cause we made a call and found him another stud, and boy did thebaitbus com it turn out to be a huge fan of the Bus. This week we decided to take advantage of a guy sucking his own dick, and how they thebaitbus com need tans. We tell him we are doing some sort of fitness video and we need to get Ryann to suck on his dick while his being thebaitbus com blindfolded. We offered him $50 for 20 mins and that was enough to get him on the bus of confusion. We are sure you guys will enjoy this one i know we did. Hey guys, we're here with John as our driver, Jessie as our bait, and our new bottom thebaitbus com Ajay! Apparently sucking straight cock makes him feel all better. He totally fell for it. He went for it, blindfolded and all. This week we drove around this golf club, and there we see Blake all 6'4 of him. You MUST watch this week's episode..

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